Bevat Bacillus Subtillis
Onderdruk stronkboorder, bolwurm, bevat Thurengensis   
Verbeter grondstruktuur
Bevat C, H, O, N, P, K, S en mengsel van spoorelemente en
   vitamienes in gebalanseerde vorm
Bevat bio-opneembare kalsium en Silikoon, asook fulviensuur
   en humate
Dien toe net voor plant @ 250 ml per ha op droe land
Bio-organiese produk - veilig om te gebruik
Live Bacillus Subtillis
Healthier plants with resistance against pathogens,
Contents include C,H,O,N,P,K,S, Zn, Mn, Cu, B, Mo, 
   Mg, Vitamins and other Micro-nutrients in balanced
   form. Also bio- calcium and silicon, fulvic acid and
Apply @ 250 ml per ha on dry land
Product produces healthier plants that are resistant to
   Fusarium, Scloretinia, Grey leave spot and other
Mixable with all insecticides and herbicides
May use in combination with fungicides
Biological product and is safe but not for drinking
Suitable for spraying, pivot drenching