Bevat Pseudomonas
Sterker plante deur Potas beskikbaar stelling
Bevat C, H, O, N, P, K, S en mengsel van 
   spoorelemente en vitamienes in gebalanseerde vorm
Bevat bio-opneembare kalsium en Silikoon,
   asook fulviensuur en humate
Dien toe met plant @ 350 ml per hektaar
Bio-organiese produk - veilig om te gebruik
Mengbaar met insek-dododer, onkruid-doder, fungi-
Verbeter grond struktuur
Live pseudomonas florecense strain. A gram negative rod-
  shaped bacterium.
Healthier plants through Potash fixing
Protect the roots  of some plant species against parasitic fungi
  such as Fusarium or pythium, as wel as some phytophagous
The bacteria induce systematic resistance in the host plant, so it
  can better resit attack by a true pathogen
The bacteria out compete other soil microbes, e.g. by
  siderophores giving a competitive advantage at scavenging iron
The bacteria produce compounds anatagonistic to other soil
  microbes, such as phenazine-type antibiotics or hydrogen
Contains C, H, O, N, P, K, S, and trace elements in balanced ratio
Contains bio-calsium and silicon as well as fulvicacid and humates
Apply @ 350 ml per hectare
Safe to use with insecticides, fungicides and herbicides
Bio-organic product that is safe to use
Soil structure enhancer